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Application of OEE measurement on Business profitability

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Publisher : Ganesh Babu

Course Language : English

This course is all about improving your operational productivity and profitability by using simple, powerful operational excellence metric called OEE .

This course is structured with basic understandings of OEE concept and its relevance to profitability, elements of OEE, How to calculate OEE with examples, misconceptions of OEE applications, step by step implementation process in any critical equipment, manufacturing line or plant with ready to use template, practical difficulties and insights in each stage, solutions approach to overcome the challenges in each step of implementation.

To get confidence to implement OEE program in your organization irrespective of  your industry background, I have given real case study examples of OEE implementation and its impact on business profitability in various industries and processes.

This course is very useful if you struggle to improve your operational productivity in your organization. Ideal learning course for SME business owners, Plant heads, Manufacturing, Process Engineers, Managers, Executives, Industrial Engineers, Shop floor supervisors, Lean manufacturing champions, Operational excellence managers from manufacturing organizations in small, medium scale organizations of any industry background.

At the end of the course, you will be able to re look at your organizational performance in a different perspective and ready to drive OEE measurement program to improve your productivity and profitability.