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Black Pirate App - Master-piece for RNG numbers' predictions

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Publisher : Petr Kulhanek

Course Language : English

Statistical research shows that only small group of roulette players is able to achieve profit in the long-term perspective. As the modern and information age are our daily business, many roulette players are focusing on online roulette and try to apply systems.

Simply put, competition with online roulette random number generator requires full and complete set of rules including statistical and probability research. This course aims to provide you maximum information about Black Pirate App which is the App for roulette numbers predictions with money management conditions. App can be used for LIVE play and also for strategy testing.

Learn and Master Black Pirate App features and understand roulette numbers predictions.

6 algorithms with predictions 

Money management + Settings

LIVE with App in online RNG casino

In 5 lectures, this course covers all necessary and important explanations about Black Pirate App.

This course covers the importance of the complete package of rules for roulette systems tests, analysis and LIVE play.

Students will also learn important characteristics for evaluation of roulette systems during tests such as Maximum draw-down, Progression Aggressiveness, Risk Reward Ratio etc.

Upon completion students will be able to test own robust roulette systems, understand the predictions for successful competition with pseudo Random number generator (RNG) in online casinos, be able to analyze and implement test results in live play, and understand my statistical and probability approach for online roulette systems using my own forecasting program Black Pirate App.