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Don't Sell Your Business, Half-Retire

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Publisher : Jim Muehlhausen CPA, JD

Course Language : English

We have observed hundreds of savvy business owners enjoy their business more and maintain their current income level. We aggregated their best practices to create a program we call Half-Retirement.

Half-Retirement is an alternative to selling your business. You work two half-days a week doing the work you enjoy while keeping your existing income.

Over decades of business ownership, your fingerprints are imprinted on virtually every business aspect and process of the business. To create a business that runs well without you in the building, you must create a process that runs smoothly without your involvement.

Today, this may seem like a pipe-dream. Do not be discouraged. Every business owner is capable of creating a business that runs well (and profitably) without them. However, you do need a roadmap to take you from where you stand today to the promised land. That's where the Blue Print to Half-Retirement can help.