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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

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Publisher : Jeff Crowe

Course Language : English

How to become a real estate agent

Real estate is a sector in which you can become successful if you know the tricks and tips. People from various age groups and different careers harbor the dream to become a real estate agent. Given the popularity of this profession, it is only fair that many aspire to become real estate agents. But before jumping into the market you have to ask the question - How to become a real estate agent? Here we will help you in becoming a real estate agent and become successful in the same. You can take advantage of this course even if you are not planning to become a licensed real estate agent. This course will give you the fundamental information about the real estate industry and how to become a real estate agent. We here, walk you through the program and help you to become a successful real estate agent.

Even though there are challenges in this sector, the reward you get is worth the effort. In this course, we give you the roadmap to succeed through our learning program. As I mentioned earlier, this job can give you a lot of both mental and physical stress, and you may feel that you are not able to handle them. At times it can be quite taxing to the level that you consider quitting. So, it is important to learn all the know-hows about plunging into the real estate segment. We will ensure that you are aware of all the aspects that have to be considered before starting this career.

Budget: The first thing that you have to check whether you have the required capital to start this business. Quite often this business endeavor can prove to be expensive, at least when you start the career from scratch. You have to obtain the license to work as a real estate agent and for that you have to clear the exam. So you have to think about $500 as an investment to just start the career. But do not worry; you are going to gain rich dividends on this money spent soon.

Be motivated: To succeed in this sector you have to be motivated all the time. This career is not for those who are lazy or are not self-motivated. Becoming a real estate agent is never going to be a walk in the park. But it is not impossible either. You can make a proper routine for your daily work and most importantly stick to it. Even if you are not motivated, some days you can just work as per your plans and only do the important and most profitable tasks. In short, if you do not possess a strong desire to succeed in this field, you are more likely to fail.

When you make the work agenda, make sure you do that for at least a week from the beginning to the end. Like that, you can concentrate more on profit making activities. Then, you have to give priority to the business development activities. In short, you need to have a clear game plan for your work.

Strong referrals: You need contacts with local people so that they can give a positive feedback about your personality. People will not buy the property through you if they do not know you or trust your reputation. They are investing their hard earned money on the property and they are bound to be vigilant about that. To get to know people of influence, you need to attend social events like charity events, and community events like fundraisers. If you work with honesty and integrity you will get rewarded, but you need to be patient.

Above were the three important aspects of a successful career as a real estate agent. Next, we will look into “how to become a real estate agent” in detail. Through this tutorial, we will guide you to choose the course suitable for you and the syllabus for the real estate agent license exam. Along with that, we will give the set of possible questions for the exams and answers for that.

Next, we will look into the must-haves to become a real estate agent and how to get a real estate license. Without any delay, I will get into the details of those factors.

Your Age: To be a real estate agent you should be at least 18 years old (or 19 in some states). You can check the details in your state’s official page.

Residential status: You should be legally a US resident.

The course: Each state has set time for the preparation course. You should attend the prelicense education before sitting for the exam. Some states have set the levels for prelicense courses whereas some states have set “total hours” as the threshold.

License exam: You have to attend the exam and get the required marks to get the license to practice as a real estate agent.

Till now, I was talking about the requirements to become a real estate agent. But this does not answer your question - How to become a real estate agent – completely. Becoming a real estate agent needs constant hard work and motivation.

Choose a well-established broker: To practice as a real estate agent, you have to work under a real estate broker. So you have to choose your broker wisely. It is always better to find out the broker even before graduating from the prelicense course. There are some brokers who give extra extensive training in the field and you can get all your doubts cleared with them. However, it is always good to do some background checks about the broker like:

  • Are there any additional training needed to be done and if so, for how long
  • For how long has the broker been in the business
  • Method of client (customer who comes to buy property) contact
  • Time to start earning
  • Scope of having an individual mentor within the brokerage firms

Ask these questions to your broker and you can also get suggestions from your instructor. Keep in mind, working under a well-established and reputed broker is a necessity in becoming a real estate agent. It adds to your reputation.

Pass License exam: Next step in becoming a real estate agent is getting licensed. For this, you need to take the help of your instruction on how to get a real estate license. The instructor can help you with the possible questions, the method of the exam, and other aspects of getting licensed to work as a real estate agent. You have to pass both national and state exams to get the license to practice as real estate agent.

Get well versed with the lessons and the method of the exam. You can still sign up for classes even after completing the necessary hours. Pay attention in your classes and get good grades because you will be handing this over while you apply for the license. The more you learn the more confident you will feel.

Have budget allocated: Honestly, becoming a real estate agent does not come cheap. You have to have enough money in your pocket to survive till the first commission check. You need money to attend the prelicense course, exam fees, advertising, finding a broker, and money needed to survive till you get the commission checks.

Build a portfolio: Well, here I am referring to both your and client’s portfolios. There are two ways to become a successful real estate agent. This will help you to answer the question “how to become a real estate agent” better. The first way is to work with your mentor. From the realtors firm under which you are working, get a mentor who can guide you. He can speak with him even about splitting the commission and this is the best way to become a successful real estate agent. Like that, you can build an attractive profile for yourself among the people because they already know your mentor.

The second method needs more hard work. Get help from your friends and family in building clients portfolio. Ask them for referrals if somebody is looking for a new property or house. This also helps you in building an image in the local community.

Get the knowledge: If you are planning to become an established real estate agent you can choose real estate as the major in school. But this is not at all necessary if you can attend a class or training for the same. In some cases, you may get waived off the prelicense education you need for attending the exam. Gain some general knowledge about the real estate market, economy, business methods, and legal formalities. Hence, you will have an idea about what is going to be thrown at you.

Above I have covered the basic topics for your reference. In our tutorial, we will give the complete information about each and every aspect so that you can be ready to take the exam. Once you are done with this course you will be equipped with all the tricks and tips you need to crack the exam.