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How to Make More Money Teaching English

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Publisher : Jennifer VuLingo

Course Language : English

You've got the English teaching skills, the experience and the dedication. So how can you command the rate that you're worth? In a crowded marketplace, most language teachers sell themselves short by offering free lessons or racing to the bottom of the wage range. I'll teach you how to do the opposite. We're going up, up, up baby!

In this course you'll learn my step-by-step process to earn the top rate in your market. We'll go over:

  • How to create more value for your students and get paid accordingly, with little extra effort on your part
  • How to create bonuses you can charge for, and then automate
  • How to perfectly assess your students' language learning goals and needs to create an individual syllabus automatically
  • Why perceived value is just as important as real value, and how to increase both in your services
  • How to create a system that helps you manage a real, sustainable teaching business
  • How to get profitable by eliminating most of that unpaid teacher work!