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电视节目编导与制作The Direct and Manufacture of Education Television

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Publisher : 天文 胡 曲靖师范学院张忠玉教学团队

Course Language : Simplified Chinese

Course overview: TV director and production is photography art media, one of the compulsory courses in the undergraduate education technology, in the teaching program as a professional and technical backbone courses. Through the study of this course, make students to systematically master television playwright-director with theoretical knowledge and practical operation, so that students can better grasp television production technology.

Content materials and components: this course consists of two parts. This course arrangement about video teaching about 5 hours. Learning TV camera technology and the composition principle, detailed picture transformation, special processing and lens set, editing, video and sound synthesis, make the students are familiar with and master the production process and production methods of the show.

Learning takes time: students according to their own situation, about 10 class, let the students master the most basic skill of perturbation, recording, editing, etc. 2. Complete works: in the course finally, require students to complete assignments. 2 minutes, 15 minutes of TV programs, in order to better complete the combination of theory and practice. 3. Test: test two parts to complete this course. Part is the practical operation and production, the second part is the theory exam, in comparative economics. 4 teaching: in the teaching, through the video data, multimedia teaching, arrangement problem sets, practice, make the students understand the basic principles and concepts, improve the students' ability to analyze and solve problems, grasp skilled operation techniques, skills.