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VSD - A complete guide to install open-source EDA tools

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Publisher : Kunal Ghosh

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


This FREE course will enable you and help you overcome the challenges that you face installing open-source tools. Well, I have launched a couple of courses which shows how to use the open-source tools, while this course shows how to install open-source tools. So this course should make you completely unloaded from the burden of how to install open-source tools, since we don everything from scratch. 

Our focus mainly is on open-source EDA tools installation, that briefly covers below tools:

  • Ngspice – General purpose circuit simulation program for non-linear and linear analyses

  • Magic – VLSI Layout editor, extraction and DRC tool

  • Opentimer – Open-source high performance timing analysis tool

  • eSim – Complex Circuit design, SPICE simulation, analysis and PCB design

  • Qflow –  Tool chain (like Yosys, Graywolf) for complete RTL2GDS flow  

All installation steps including exclusive links for every tool has been captured in this course...

So start your installation right now and design your chip FREE OF COST....

Welcome to a FREE world of IC design......and happy learning!!

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to explore and innovate using open-source EDA tools
  • Every hobbyists who want to implement their design using open-source EDA tools
  • Everyone who wants freedom to characterize, analyse, place and route their ideas
  • Basic digital design
  • Basic terms and terminologies about physical design and timing analysis