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Learn Webpack 2 from scratch

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Publisher : Robert Guss

Course Language : English

In this course you will learn a solid foundational understanding of Webpack 2 and its ecosystem. My approach to teaching Webpack 2 in this course, is to walk you through the documentation so you become comfortable learning new Webpack concepts on your own after taking this course. One of the most important skills as a web developer is knowing how to read and utilize documentation. Things are constantly changing and evolving in our world, and so knowing how to study and explore documentation is essential to being successful in this industry. 

Webpack is by far the most popular Javascript build tool in existence today and its popularity is only growing. Knowing and understanding Webpack is a very important and in demand skill as more and more companies are adopting it to build their sites and applications. 

My goals for this course are to give you the foundational knowledge you need so you can begin creating your own customized Webpack configurations to meet you projects and clients specific needs. The Webpack ecosystem is massive and can be quite overwhelming. However, in this course I walk you through line by line through each configuration and setup so you understand and know exactly what is going on. No longer will you be overwhelmed when you open someone else' webpack.config.js file. Having this foundational knowledge will allow you to add custom plugins, loaders, build tools and anything else your project demands.  

As a side note, I am very much open to suggestions. If there is a feature in Webpack that I have not covered here, but you would like me too, please send me a message or leave a comment in the discussion area and I will make more content to teach that topic. This course is FREE and always will be. My goal is to truly help as many people as I can, so please do not be shy in asking questions, providing feedback, comments, critiques, etc :)