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Spanish Verbs Basics: Self-Teach Spanish

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Publisher : Nikki Joslin

Course Language : English

Conjugating verbs is a completely new concept for many Spanish learners, and students have troubles with hit the first time they encounter Spanish verbs. In this course you will learn what conjugating verbs is, and how to conjugate verbs in the simple, present tense. This course is for absolute beginners, so if you don't know any Spanish, get ready to learn a bunch!

This course uses the Integrated Method, which is a fantastic way to learn Spanish because you don't neglect any area of language study. You will not only practice the four skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading, but you will also practice grammar and vocabulary  - all integrated together! 

This course uses dialogues, conversations, realistic text, activities and listening exercises so that you'll be able to learn all of these areas of Spanish together in a natural way. 

It puts you on a pathway to speaking Spanish right away! 

By the end of this course, you'll have no problems conjugating regular Spanish verbs in the present tense, plus you'll be able to speak even more Spanish!