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Improve Your English With African Folk Tales

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Publisher : Owen Phillips

Course Language : English

One way to improve English listening skills is to collect as much listening material as possible, focusing on topics that you have an interest in. This course aims to provide a fun and interesting way to practice your listening skills and expand your vocabulary.

Improve Your Listening Skills And Expand Your Vocabulary With African Folk Tales.

  • Listen to four African folk tales
  • Difficult vocabulary items are explained
  • Comprehension questions to test your understanding of the audio

Contents and Overview

The course contains 12 video lessons and just over 40 minutes of content. It's designed for English learners with a level of Lower-Intermediate and above who are interested in learning African folk tales and improving their listening and vocabulary skills.

There are four African folk tales: Why The sun And The Moon Live In The Sky, Why The Cheetah's Cheeks Are Stained, Why The Crocodile Has A Rough Back, and The Friendship Of The Tortoise And The Eagle. For each folk tale there are three videos, one for listening to the audio of the story, a second containing explanations of the difficult vocabulary items, and a third with comprehension questions and explanations of the answers. The listening video also contains text so you can read along if necessary.