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NCM: Learn Chinese Common Mistakes and Useful Tips

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Publisher : Julia Zhu

Course Language : English

Over 20,000 students have enrolled in New Concept Mandarin courses. We know exactly what mistakes Chinese learners may make and what tips they may find useful while leaning the Chinese language.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes again. We will present you the most useful language tips in an easy and clear way.

What “mistakes” do most Chinese learners make and how to avoid them?

Mistake 1

Useshì” all the time, e.g. 她是漂亮 Tā shì piàoliɑnɡ (She is beautiful)


Just remember when you say “I am fine” you say “wǒ hěn hǎo”. You never say “wǒ shì hěn hǎo”.

Mistake 2

Put the “place” in the wrong place.


In English you say "Sb. do sth. at sp." However, in Chinese it is "Sb. at sp. do sth." You have to go to the place first then take action. So “place” comes first. Does it make sense?

Mistake 3

Say “xiānshenɡ Wánɡ” for “Mr Wang”


Just remember how you can call me: Julia Laoshi. Job titles and addressing always come after.

Mistakes are also opportunities to learn. Take this opportunity and take this course!

If you want to start learning Chinese from the very beginning with a structured course in an easy way, you can check out my other course “New Concept Mandarin - A New Way to Learn Chinese with Julia".