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Using The Smart Book of Spanish Verbs - Regular Verbs

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Publisher : Steven Getz

Course Language : English

Using colors and a unique layout, the Master Chart of Regular Endings from "The Smart Book of Spanish Verbs" makes the regular Spanish verb system easy to learn for English speakers.

Intermediate (and even advanced) students will see Spanish verb conjugations in a whole new light.

And total novices can start learning Spanish with an easy-to-follow overview, and will be surprised at how logical the verb system is, especially by focusing only on the regular forms first.

This method is especially unique because instead of learning 9 Spanish tenses spread out one at a time over months or years, you'll learn them all at once. And without starting with the infinitive. 

You'll jump right in and quickly understand how to say what someone:

  • is doing / does
  • was doing
  • did
  • has done
  • had done
  • will do
  • will have done
  • would do
  • would have done

You'll start only with singular forms to talk about someone else (he/she), then progress to make verbs plural (they), manage different ways to say "you" (usted, ustedes, and tú), then finally talk about yourself alone (I) and in a group (we).

It sounds like a lot, but "The Smart Book of Spanish Verbs" really does make it easy to understand. Never have Spanish verbs made so much sense for English speakers!

Note that the first book does not cover the subjunctive mode, but you'll go so fast through the indicative mode and the conditional mode in a matter of weeks, you'll still be years ahead of any traditional approach.)