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wtf mandarin - Survival Conversational Chinese

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Publisher : Liam McManus

Course Language : English

Dive into Mandarin by learning the first and most important layer of conversational Chinese. 

Actually learn how to speak and understand the most essential Chinese basics. 

Taste the wonderful, logical and no-nonsense Chinese culture. 

wtfmandarin builds the bridge between English and Chinese - the Chinglish bridge. 

wtf = watch-try-flaunt. Watch the videos. Try the audio try files. Flaunt to your Chinese communities and friends.

Our approach:

  • Structured approach, each class building on the last (easy to do as Chinese is super logical)
  • Each lesson ends with street videos of Liam and wtfmandarin students putting the taught language into real-life action here in China
  • Every lesson has downloadable essential audio try files where you will practise your new mandarin

We do not:

  • Teach through rote learning and memory tests
  • Rush through unconnected language in an unstructured way 

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and use polite manners
  • Negotiate on prices
  • Form simple questions 
  • Engage is mega basic Chinese conversations
  • Understand key insights into Chinese culture

wtfmandarin founder, Liam:

  • Three years ago could not speak a word of Chinese.
  • Discovered Chinglish and his Chinese journey started.
  • Developed the course he wishes he had 3 years ago. 

All this and more. 加油!jiā yóu! Go for it!