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Agricultural Fence Design (NRCS Standard 382)

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Publisher : Tim Clark

Course Language : English

I designed this course to help soil and water conservation professionals understand how agricultural fencing contributes to environmental conservation, and how it is installed on the landscape.  I cover high tensile steel, barbed wire, and woven wire fences.  We will also cover how electric fences work.  

Design and Estimate Fencing for Conservation Projects

  • Discover why high tensile steel has become so popular
  • Understand the difference between woven and welded wire
  • Write a great construction specification for you project
  • Learn how electric fence circuits are connected

Make sure your fences are constructed correctly

We'll examine the existing NY NRCS state specifications and discuss how to adapt them to your own project.  You'll work through 2 fencing scenarios and estimate quantities fore each one.  Then you'll complete and more advanced final project and submit it to me for grading.  Students who complete the final project qualify for Conservation Approval Authority in New York State.