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7 Days to more Impact and Influence on Social Media

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Publisher : Esther Jacobs

Course Language : English

Are you OK with your social media posts being average? Or do you want them to be exceptional?

Good news: producing really good posts does not require more time, resources or knowledge. It's mainly a mind-shift. Plus you need somebody to show you what to do differently. And that is exactly what I am offering you.

Take the 7 day challenge and start to increase your impact and influence on social media.

The course includes these 7 videos and assignments:

Day 1: Measure your current score. 

Day 2: Mind-shift: It’s not about you! 

Day 3: How to turn ‘look at me’ posts into added value ones. 

Day 4: Which platforms should I use? 

Day 5: Social media is not a chore! How to make it easy and fun. 

Day 6: Visual storytelling: 4 quick wins to improve your videos, pictures, vlogs and even your Skype calls. 

Day 7: Inspiration: the possibilities are endless.

Who's that girl?

My name is Esther Jacobs and I am one of the top 10% of social media influencers in the world, just below Madonna and above Angela Merkel. This is surprising, because I am from The Netherlands, which is only a tiny country, and I have a relatively small following. I am certainly not as famous as these ladies.  

My secrets to being a top influencer are:

  • 1) Be authentic
  • 2) It's not about you
  • 3) Always provide added value

I learned how to be successful offline first, long before social media started. I collected €16 million for charities by figuring out how free publicity works. I have been featured in the media over 500 times and I have been on most of the TV shows in my country various times. I still apply the same principles to everything I do, and it works. 

This challenge contains some of the best parts of the 8 hour e-course 'Impact & Influence: Pro Secrets to Exceptional Social Media'. I am eager to share exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) to make your social media exceptional.