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Box Sets Publishing Success

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Publisher : Richie Salvador

Course Language : English

It's great to have you in this course. I will be guiding all throughout this course on how to properly create, format, launch and market your box sets.

 So you already have a series of books or books on the same "niche". Why don't we make use of it, right? We will cover how we can re-purpose your existing books, even the "non-performing" ones then will make them alive again and earn some decent royalties out of them.

 Maximize your gain, re-purpose your contents!

  • We'll learn the proper way of creating and formatting a box sets. I will go in details and share my screen how I create these box sets. I will use a live sample so it's easier for you to follow
  • We'll also cover how you can create titles and even covers
  • Most of all, we'll talk how you can triple your income by using series of books and even the ones that haven't performed well.

 Fun and Easy to Follow Instructions.

  • We'll start with the basics - why we need to create box sets, how they are being delivered to your readers.
  • Well, we'll talk the difference between fiction and non-fiction and how you can create box sets for both genre.
  • I will walk you through on how I research for niches, titles and categories
  • Then, I will walk you through on outsourcing your contents (if you're not a writer) - manuscript and cover.
  • The last part will be more on promotions and marketing. Which is very crucial to get money on the table.