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How Successful Small Business Marketing Really Works

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Publisher : Frank Felker

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


Marketing is the single most important success factor when starting or running a small business. And yet, for most small business owners, Marketing is a mystery and Sales is a dirty word.

In this short course, excerpted from his mega-course How To Build A Customer Factory, Frank Felker explains how successful small businesses turn complete strangers into Customers and Customers into Clients the same way we attract members of the opposite sex - through courtship.

But unlike the awkward experience of asking someone for a date, today's digital marketing tools allow you to break the ice from afar, nurture the relationship and close the deal systematically without embarrassment, rejection or that smarmy feeling of being too "salesy."

Drawn from his 40+ years in the trenches observing and implementing successful Marketing and Sales techniques, this course gets right to the heart of Frank's approach to business development.

Who is the target audience?
  • Current Small Business Owners
  • Prospective Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers and Executives
  • A Desire To Grow Your Sales
  • A Willingness To Try A Different Approach