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Crypto Apps 2018/ Abra /Coinbase /Binance /Robinhood/Bittrex

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Publisher : Chris Ahl

Course Language : English

This is my eighth udemy course and my second course on cryptocurrency.

We will be going over in-depth on crypto apps as well as altcoins.

Also be discussing crypto mining as well as where we can see the market heading.

-Disclaimer- I am NOT a financial advisor this is purely a conversation. I'm not making you do anything. Take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. Do your own research before investing.

I personally have thousands of crypto spread out between four different coins.

I've played around with all of these exchanges and I'm marking down my favorite ones.

I'm most interested in the new Abra app.

Will be discussing that and many more tips and tricks in today's current cryptocurrency market.

Thank you again so much for checking out this course feel free to check out my previous one on cryptocurrency and have a blessed day.