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Top Interactive Wedding DJ & MC Tips

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Publisher : Dominick Pirone - Tommy Pirone

Course Language : English

In this course, you'll learn how to stand out from other DJs/MCs, interact with any crowd, get the party started no-fail, explode your word-of-mouth business and have a ton of fun as a Wedding DJ.  All without being tacky, corny and all-around lame.

Students will learn:
• How to establish yourself as a true professional from the get-go and some common errors to avoid.

• What you can do during cocktail hour to get to know your guests better and start loosening them up to have a great time.
• The ingredients of a very warm, welcoming and fun Bridal Party announcement that sets the pace of the rest of your evening.

• What you need to do with the Bridal Party to get them ready to rock out with you on the dance floor later.

• Some of the best icebreakers you can use to get the party started, without being corny or over-the-top.

• Why you should dance with guests and how to do this to make your guests feel incredibly comfortable with getting on the dance floor. • The Anniversary/Marriage Countdown Dance and how to utilize this icebreaker to get all generations involved.

• The Dance Circle icebreaker along with how to organize it, announce it and get it crackin'.

• The power of vocal encouragements on the mic and the effect they can have on the energy of your audience and dancing.

• Why you should be selective with your weddings to keep things fun for yourself as a Wedding DJ and MC.