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Exploiting BYOD to teach effectively using a local WiFi net.

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Publisher : Anthony Hill

Course Language : English

BYOD has been underutilized in schools because of issues of connectivity, compatibility and App account requirements. The use of mobile devices is a ripe area for development if we can exploit them appropriately for classroom use. This course sets up a system to connect student and school devices (mobile and laptops) to the teacher's computer so that lesson material and activities can be shared in the classroom, bypassing infrastructure issues. It uses HTML5 to be cross platform and is browser based to avoid the need for Apps or accounts. Multimedia, quizzes, readings, presentations can easily be deployed to devices for individualized, group or whole class use.

The course is divided in sections.

    1. It begins with an overview and explanation.

    2. An example system will be demonstrated.

    3. The folder layout of the service will be examined and a template provided to download and use.

    4. Methodology of creating content for delivery.

    5. Software options

    6. There is FAQ section which also acts as both a glossary and troubleshooting guide.

The content of each section consists of video and audio explanations together with data sheets.

At the end of this course the participant should feel capable and confident to setup and run an “offdanet" service in their classroom.

It is hoped that running offdanet will allow teachers more freedom in creating, modifying and presenting their own lesson material into technology rich classrooms with engaged learners.