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Sensu - Introduction

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Publisher : Kyle Anderson

Course Language : English

Sensu is a powerful Next-Generation monitoring framework that is quickly replacing traditional monitoring systems like Zabbix, Icinga, and Nagios.

But diving into a new monitoring system can be difficult without a guide to show you the way! This course can be your guide to understanding how Sensu works and how to deploy it to your infrastructure.

This introductory course will teach you the basics of Sensu's architecture and how to take advantage of the flexibility it provides to build awesome systems.


  • In-depth architectural overview
  • All videos closed-captioned in English. Hear and See for optimal learning!
  • Step-by-step howto instructions on getting Sensu up and running
  • Leverage your existing Nagios plugins written in C, Python, or Bash
  • Take advantage of the plethora of Open Source Sensu plugins in Ruby!
  • Learn about RabbitMQ, Redis, Ruby Gems, Sensu's API, and more
  • Use Uchiwa, the awesome open source Dashboard for Sensu
  • Setup the foundation to build on more intermediate and advanced Sensu topics

When you are finished with this course you will have setup a complete monitoring solution that actually checks things and actually sends email. This is not a theoretical course, it is a practical one that leaves you with skills and infrastructure to build upon.

Let Me Make The Mistakes For You

It's one thing to read docs and get perfect copy-paste command line examples that work. It is another thing to be in real life watching a real engineer fight a live system and try to get it working! I purposely make mistakes just to demonstrate what happens when things go wrong. That gives me an excuse to troubleshoot the problem and then solve it. Then, when you encounter that same mistake in your infrastructure, you will know exactly what to do!

For Dev and Ops Alike

Sysadmins, Devops Practitioners, Infrastructure engineers, SREs, and simply curious software engineers should take this course to better their craft and learn more about what makes Sensu special. It is not your grandfather's monitoring system. It is a modern, scalable, flexible monitoring system with a great API to integrate with your infrastructure.

Even if you don't end up using Sensu in Production, taking this course will still level-up your monitoring game, by increasing the scope of your DevOps toolbox. So enroll today and check it out!