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10 Steps to an AwesomeSauce You! (Step 10)

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Publisher : Rajkumari Neogy

Course Language : English

This section is called Being Born again and it is the tenth of ten sections. This section is about emergence, about exiting the chrysalis after allowing the imago cells to do their work. It's about being showing up in the world in the ways that work for you and choosing to have the experiences you want. In the SCIENCE track, we'll explore the morphic field and something called non-localization, a term found in quantum physics. In the PSYCHOLOGY we look at ego, identity and our different masks. When we start to see how younger versions of ourselves play into our interactions with others and the world around us, we begin to have a more solid understanding of ourselves and we begin to move into being a master self-regulator. In the SPIRITUALITY track we talk about shaping-shifting – how to move your energy around to create different effects.