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10 Steps to an AwesomeSauce You! (Step 4)

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Publisher : Rajkumari Neogy

Course Language : English

This section is called Restarting and it is the fourth of ten sections. Restarting always begins with some version of letting go, some level of forgiveness, some place of acceptance. Having empathy and compassion is a stance that is critical in getting passed a place of being 'stuck' and moving into where you want to be. And having empathy and compassion to yourself is truly the most important place to restart. This is where true integration begins. For the Science track, we look at where the brain is impacted by empathy and meditation. In the Psychology track, we explore the Law of Requisite Variety – the one with the most flexibility in the group has the more dominant stance. And in the Spirituality track, we travel into the world of reflecting and refracting and how that impacts spirit and what we create in our lives.