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10 Steps to an AwesomeSauce You! (Step 7)

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Publisher : Rajkumari Neogy

Course Language : English

This section is called Walking the Tightrope and it is the seventh of ten sections. Trust is pathway to success. When we trust ourselves, those around us and the world in general, we have very different experiences. Trust is what ties everything together or crumbles everything apart. I have always thought it fascinating that we take such a long time to trust others but we're willing to distrust in a heartbeat. This because we're always solving for LOVE or SAFETY in every experience and in every interaction. And trust a key role in this equation. In the Science track, we look at where trust lives in our brain and how power is a plays a major part in our need to feel safe. In the Psychology track, we look at hierarchy, the importance of this structure and when things fall apart, whether in the workplace or within families. And in the Spirituality track, we strengthen our need to trust ourselves through listening to our body and defining intuition. There is a certain wisdom that emanates continuously and if we quiet our thoughts enough to hear, we will build a new relationship with our physical body.