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Three steps to use Flipped Learning in your classes

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Publisher : Ngoc Vo

Course Language : English

This course enables instructors and teachers to utilize Flipped Learning in three steps: design a lesson plan, creating video lecture, and using team-based learning to facilitate in-class activities.

The course begins with a introduction about Flipped Learning, in which students learn the basics of Flipped Learning and the 3-step-model to incorporate Flipped Learning into their courses.

Next, students will learn to select a unit in their syllabus for flipping and to design a flipped lesson plan for that unit.

Students are then introduced to two videos on how to use video lectures in Flipped Learning. In the first video, they will learn SSEUL, also known as the key components of a good video lecture. In the second video, students will learn how to use QuickTime to capture PowerPoint lectures and edit them

Lastly, students will learn the basic principles of Team-based Learning to facilitate in-class practice activities.