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Meditation For The Present Moment - 5 Present Breaths

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Publisher : Jonny John Liu

Course Language : English

Realize the Importance of Being in the Present Moment. 

Through the practice, With each passing moment you will be taken deeper and deeper into the Present Moment until you develop the Knowing of what it really is. And the more you become in tune with the Present Moment and Stillness the more you will become aware of the wandering thoughts which will take you away from the Present Moment. 

This is the Power of the Practice, to develop the awareness of the wandering thoughts within, to develop the awareness of the Unstillness within. Because without becoming aware and addressing the inner chaos that is hidden away deep inside, we will never be able to address it and release it. 

Thus it is a practice which will allow you to experience deep states of Peacefulness and Stillness, and through that you will become aware of the Chaos and Unstillness inside. 

Naturally as you practice you will come to know the cause to the wandering thoughts and naturally you will know how to address them. Thus learning this technique will mark an important beginning of your journey towards developing the Knowing of who you are, the journey of Self-Transformation. 

There is also another course - The Creator's Meditation which is a 22 day course which goes deeper into the Mind, into the Practice. The 5 present Breaths is also taught there, so if you wish for a more intensive and extensive course you can enroll in that one. 

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