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Your Mighty Plan of Development

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Publisher : Raevsky Ltd

Course Language : English

This revolutionary course gives amazing insight on how Eastern knowledge greatly merges with Western management findings, leading not just to effectiveness - but to our realisation and growth as human beings. 

Created in cooperation of internationally renowned coach and master of Tibetan wisdom Dmitry Raevsky and his student Alexander Sarovsky, it helps you to spread wings and break through to the Himalayan heights of your destiny.

The course is based on a combination of spiritual practices of Mahayana Buddhism and extraordinary findings of American business researcher Jim Collins. The result is a complete guide of how to create a working plan of personal development - a mighty one, indeed!

Hear the voice of your spirit. 

Awake the inner compass. 

Open an artesian well of fiery energy. 

And begin the path to the dawn of your true calling. 

Welcome to the space where stars become alive...

Are you ready for the adventure of your life?