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Family constellation – a significant method for your growth

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Publisher : Bertold Ulsamer

Course Language : English

Do you think you control your life? So if something goes wrong in your relationship or in your profession you simply push yourself more and suddenly you get what you want?   

Well, this belief is wrong!   

A new method called “family constellations” demonstrates that in many ways. This approach has spread throughout the world in the last two decades.

More than 20 years as a therapist, I practice this method in the form that was originally created by German Bert Hellinger. I experience many clients being enriched and I am aware of the positive influence it had and still has on my own life.   Therefore, it is my heartfelt desire to introduce “family constellation” to you and support you in learning how this method is applied, including its limits and possible dangers.   

You will get insights on how you and your family are connected in unconscious ways.     You will recognize what is necessary to find lasting solutions in the connections with your family members.