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Fraud Awareness Training

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Publisher : Centre for Research into Advanced Fraud and Future Threats

Course Language : English

This course, presented by the Centre for Research into Advanced Fraud & Future Threats (CRAFT), is designed to assist students in learning about Fraud within the corporate workspace, who commits the acts and why, along with the resulting consequences for the organisation.

The course briefly covers legislation as well as corporate ethics, and concludes by looking at some indicators that might show fraud is occurring, as well as measures the organisation can implement to help detect, deter and prevent Fraud from occurring.

When you are working, or in business for yourself, it’s important to have an insight into the corporate fraud that companies can be susceptible to. For those new to the topic, this course will provide you with a basic foundation to help you prepare against fraud and ensure that your company remains financially secure at all times. For those with more exposure to this area of business, you will find value in looking at the strategies and tips to counter Fraud within the organisation.