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High School Placement Test, Part 1. Are you ready for this?

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Publisher : Harold Saavedra

Course Language : English

This course introduces the student to the test format for the High School Placement Test or HSPT. It breaks down the areas of study and the timing dictated by the exam.

At the end of middle school, most students are required to take an entrance exam in order to evaluate the placement level in the school of their choice.  The tests offered might vary slightly, but the information asked is all the same, math never changes and reading comprehension has the same expectations. Parents, students and tutors should work together in order to accomplish this important task of learning. As early as the 6th or 7th grade, students and parents should begin looking at what weaknesses the student has and address them. 

This course is broken down into major topics in order to easily identify which area is weak or which area is strong. At the end of each section, a quiz is presented which helps the student grade the level of knowledge.  No materials are needed, except for the will to learn and succeed in the High School Placement Test. 

The student will learn about how the test is conducted, the amount of questions per section and the total time allowed. This is an important tool because the student will not be surprised about the test format. This small, but important course should take you about a week to complete and from there the student should proceed into preparing for the HSPT.  A course like this is necessary because it will highlight important information about your general knowledge. 

This is the first step for preparing for the any High School Entrance Exam. This is Part 1