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How childhood and family history affect our happiness

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Publisher : Bertold Ulsamer

Course Language : English

You want to enjoy your life much more?

You do not feel at one with your life?

You are eager to understand your emotions for which you don’t know the triggers?

You don’t get why sometimes strange emotions and moods come out of the blue and affect your life?

It is well known that certain facts of the past influence your present wellbeing. Still, many people underestimate their influence. Therefore, getting to know these facts as well as understanding the power and importance of these will help you to increase your quality of life both in your relationships and your career.

I will give you food for thought and teach you recent insights from a method called family constellation to make sense out of your emotions like anger, fear, depression or guilt. Thus, in the end, you will know yourself better and you have done your very first and big step towards enjoying your life much more!