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How Pennsylvania Personal Injury And Tort Cases Are Settled

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Publisher : Stuart Carpey

Course Language : English

This course is intended to help consumers gain an extensive understanding on the complicated and long-term process of how personal injury cases are handled in Pennsylvania. It is also designed for patients with serious illnesses who need to navigate the confusing world of insurance in order to get medical bills paid and continued proper medical care. The unfortunate reality is that people trying to get their lives back, recovering from traumatic injuries, more often come to find that this information is just not readily available to the public. Stuart Carpey wrote this course to help change that.

In nearly three decades of practicing law, Stuart Carpey has helped thousands of accident victims and patients put the pieces of the puzzle together by maximizing all available private, state, and Federal insurance benefits. In certain situations, the accident victim can get compensation for injuries sustained. In most circumstances involving an accident or illness, medical care, payment of medical bills and payment of replacement wages is available.

This course is essential for anyone who has been involved in a serious accident, as well as their family members. The information contained in this course will help break down the following topics:

  • An overview of the motor vehicle accident case, fall down cases, and other accident cases
  • The difference between Full Tort and Limited Tort coverage
  • Liens such as health insurance, Medicare, DPW, workers compensation, and how they affect the personal injury case
  • Types of compensation for your injuries after an accident

    and much more.