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How You Can Help Your Local Community - 5 Amazing Examples

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Publisher : Dawn Davies

Course Language : English

This course is about how one individual, or one small group, can help out in their local community and create massive, beneficial change. If you think your community needs to become more active and engaged, then it can start with you!

We will teach you how you can start a community project or business that will make a difference. Also, we will show you some amazing examples of people who have done exactly that, and benefitted their local communities tremendously. This can be used as fantastic inspiration to help you form ideas of ways you can help in your community.

The course is mainly in video lecture format, but will include helpful images and links to our examples - to inspire and teach you. The course is structured with an introduction, explaining how you can start making the difference in your local area today, and goes onto give details of each example, along with ideas for how you can come up with your own improvements.

This course shouldn't take long to complete at just over 30 minutes, but you may benefit from going over the course, and particularly each example, more than once to get the most out of it. It would help to examine each example's strategy, and find ways you can incorporate aspects into your local community.

You should take this course if you want to see your local community become more active and your neighbours all helping one another. You should also take this course if you feel like you have ideas to share with and contribute to your community, but you aren't fully sure how you can take action and make those ideas work.

You should also take this course if you want to give something to your local community, but aren't sure of how you can make the difference. This course contains a lot of inspiration for ways you can engage your community, and how you can all help one another to reap the benefits of a helpful, inclusive local society.

People of all levels can take this course, whether you are an expert about community matters, volunteering and helping out in your local area, or whether you are a beginner who wants to learn about making these changes.

However, the course might be more beneficial to those who are beginners, as it is designed as a basic insight into helping people acknowledge that they can have a big impact in their local community. Individuals can make the changes needed locally, without relying on government assistance or funding support.