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Publisher : David Colley

Course Language : English

Tired of rubbish, out of date and not practical career advice, so was Sam. He felt like he was shooting an arrow blindly into the night and hoping to hit something. The TARGETED approach focuses you on aiming precisely at the right target, while you are unlikely to hit the bulls-eye on your first go, you are likely to at least hit the target and get closer. The approach is designed for someone starting out in their career, but would be more generally applicable to someone looking for a career change of direction.

Do people really think the below advice is useful?

“Find your passion” – Very few 30 or 40 year olds know this. Let alone someone in their 20s. After all your passion can change. Your passion can follow rather than lead your career. If you are certain of your passion…then we are surprised, you are here.

“Do what you enjoy, what are your interests?” – Better, but there is a reason they pay you.

“Do this and you will have a job for life and be secure?” – Besides being boring, we’re calling B.S., little is secure these days, even if the career is safe now, the company may not be, your method may become antiquated.

“This is where the money is” – As above and there is a reason they pay you a lot, higher risk, more work, more competition. Also money never leads, it only follows. Provide value and money will follow you.

Is it worth spending the time and money? You spend approximately 80,000 working in your life. It is definitely worth spending some money and a couple of hours developing a strategy and doing the exercises. Too many people "fall" into a career and have to take big steps to change the direction.