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Living on purpose - making each day count

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Publisher : Peter Hawke

Course Language : English

Our sense of purpose is at the centre of understanding why we are alive, a crucial part of that “big why” that motivates us each day, in everything we do. When we have that “big why”, we live differently. Of course, a sense of purpose is not a magic formula, but when we try to live without purpose, we realise how essential it is.

And yet important as so many feel it to be, I find few people can tell me their purpose. So I wrote this short course to give you a simple process to help you reflect on who you are, what you love doing and achieving, and how all this can quickly and easily combine into really empowering ideas to help you get more focus, direction and energy into what you do.

You'll want to think about your purpose in work, and start to understand how you might see work differently as a result. Some will find their current work may not give them the opportunities to express that purpose, so doing this course might be the springboard for some to look at new areas of work. For others who perhaps cannot or don't want to change their work, finding your purpose might then mean focussing on how you can express that purpose in the wider areas and roles in your life - volunteering, in being a parent or partner, in your music or art - whatever areas are important to you.

Finding your purpose is a short journey - living on purpose could change the whole of your life.