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Mediocre To Magnificent

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Publisher : Marcus Pearce

Course Language : English

Do you feel like a headless chook? Feel like you could burst with overwhelm? Feeling somewhat mediocre yet know you have serious magnificence inside of you? Are you inundated with ways to "be more productive" but still unsure how to implement these tips in to your life?

Mediocre To Magnificent is the culmination of over 10 years research into exceptional human beings. Based on my Exceptional Life Blueprint program, Mediocre To Magnificent follows three of my Mastery clients as they create exceptional action plans for each area of life. 

IDENTIFY what areas of life are Mediocre & Exceptional

LEARN what areas are MORE important than others to turn from mediocre to magnificent. 

CREATE a 12-month action plan to go from mediocre to magnificen. 

CLARIFY the reason WHY you are determined to do this. 

The course is delivered through video lectures, with worksheets accompanying each section. Each lecture has been delivered in 10 minutes or less to make it easy to complete wherever, whenever and however you like.

If you truly are committed to making the rest of your life the best of your life, I have no doubt you will absolutely love Mediocre To Magnificent.