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Outer Peace: Three Ways to Conquer Self-Limitation

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Publisher : Alex Westerlund - Chanchal (CC) Agrawal - Alicia D'Annunzio

Course Language : English

Have you ever met someone who can walk into a room and be immediately felt by everyone there? Someone who, regardless of attire, can walk in with the confidence and look of someone truly living their potential? These are people with a fire in their eyes, who live more in one day than most people do in a week. That inner fire, that natural confidence, it's a skill we're all born with. Problem is, most of us are out of practice. We have forgotten how to exercise our inner fire and we let others decide how bright we shine.

This course is designed to teach you the mindset and strategies necessary to reignite your inner fire and help you achieve outer peace. First, you'll break that negative feedback loop in your head about your body. You'll learn why it's important to master your body image, and slowly but surely do exactly that. Next, you'll rediscover your inner child. Remember that boundless curiosity you had when you were little? Remember when it wasn't about the price of the furniture, but how you could use the cushions for your blanket fort? In this lesson you'll slowly break down those limiting beliefs that come with growing up and bring back that unstoppable determination you used to have. Finally, after mastering self-perception and reviving that awe and wonderment of your youth, we'll teach you how to properly express this rediscovered version of yourself without succumbing to the judgement and opinions of society.

Conquer yourself. Achieve outer peace. Welcome to Vici.