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REBT - The Science Of Programming Your Mind!

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Publisher : Prof. Paul Cline, Ed.D

Price : $159

Course Language : English

REBT - A Way to Gain Complete Mental Mastery! Discover how the mind works through Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)  ... and how you can deprogram old, negative thought patterns and replace them quickly and easily with positive new patterns ... chosen by YOU! Gain a Unfair Advantage in Life by having this Unique Skill ... it can help you in almost ANY area of your life!

    Gain These Amazing Advantages!  

            You will Learn ... 

  • The Science behind how your Mind and Emotions work

  • Deprogram Old Limiting Beliefs & Patterns ... and enjoy Positive & Empowering Replacements

  • How to apply this as a Self-Help Therapy for almost any Mental Issues or Blocks

  • Gain Mastery over Difficult Emotions Quickly

  • Program in NEW Positive Habits, Attitudes, and Belief Systems ... FAST!

  • Gain a Deep and Rich Understanding of How the Mind Works

  • Understand Better WHY People do the Things they do ... Including YOU!

  • Program Powerful New Habits that can Transform your Life

     Get Started Now!   Gain a POWERFUL Advantage In Life ... and Feel Amazing!