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Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation

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Publisher : Arial Els van de Schoot

Course Language : English

  • Learn to Cherish the Feel Good Moments of Your Day
  • Learn to Give more Compliments to Others and Yourself
  • Learn to Appreciate all the Good in your Life and of this World

In this course:

  • Meditation instructions for those who are beginners
  • 3 Guided Meditations, useful for beginners as well as advanced meditators
  • The Meditations are plafyul, and thus easy to focus on.
  • Support through the Q&A
  • A follow up course for those who want more

Arial: “I have been depressed for 1,5 years, I never went to a psychologist for it, instead I found ways throughout the years to develop a happy mindset. In this course, I’ll be sharing 3 of those fun ways I have found. I call them ‘Happy Mind Games’. They're little focus meditations in which you that make you instantly happy and will change your way of thinking forever into positivity. During the 3 lessons of this course, we will do this focusing of our consciousness together, and if any questions come up, please don't hesitate to ask for support in the Q&A section.”

Master Happiness

Let Life Be Awesome

You can do it.

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation
3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits