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Image Adjustments and Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

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Publisher : Diana Kot

Course Language : English

This course is designed to give you maximum amount of information about Adjustments in Adobe Photoshop. Many people use Adjustment Layers every day in their work, but still don’t know its full functionality. If you feel the same – this course will help you to master your skills, or even if you are complete beginner in Adobe Photoshop – you will become Adjustments Master after you finish it.

We are going to discuss each Adjustment Layer and Adjustment step by step – what is a principle of its work, what each slider, menu option and button does.

You may watch the entire course step by step, or you may watch lectures in any order. I built this course so that you can watch lectures independently from each other, starting with those you need the most. With this information you will get the maximum from your Photoshop workflow.