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PowerPoint 2013 Switch from Beginner to Advanced: Intro

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Publisher : Gilberto Berlanga

Course Language : English

In this introductory course for using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 you will learn the basic skills to create simple but effective presentations. In this process you'll get know the interface of PowerPoint 2013 and the main features of this well recognized program.

PowerPoint 2013 is great for:

•Live Presentations to emphasize key points during the show

•Kiosk Shows which are self-running presentations that provide information in an unattended location

•Sales and Marketing to make a good impression on our clients

Among other situations

So take a dive in this PowerPoint 2013 course to increase your level of expertise in this program, some of the abilities you will aqcuire are:

•Creating Presentations from Scratch

•Applying themes and variants

• Identifying the best views to work efficiently

•Format Paragraph and Text

• Make use of the Keyboard shorcuts

•Grouping Slides

•Hiding Slides

• Inserting and roatating objects

•Layering objects

Among other abilites.

I will be happy to guide you in this course and to solve any questions that you may have!