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Publisher : Siva Prasad

Course Length : 2 hours

Course Language : English


** Disclaimer ** -  I do NOT do Live Training. Neither Udemy nor me are authorized to provide SAP Access. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. I am NOT associated with SAP.

Imagine you are an SAP Functional Consultant and your project's realization phase is done. Now you need to migrate 100,000 Customer records from your legacy system ( say Salesforce ) to SAP. How would you do it ? LSMW is the gold standard tool used by SAP functional consultants to migrate mass amounts of data into SAP. LSMW stands for Legacy System Migration Workbench . The name definitely sounds complicated, but believe me - I am going to make it look so simple that you will have fun doing it !! Ciao in the course..

Who is the target audience?
  • SAP Functional Consultants
  • None. However, having access to an SAP Server will make the understanding of LSMW much better