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Grow Your Business With Facebook Marketing

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Publisher : Jay Tiew Jin Jie

Course Language : English

Does this sound familiar?

You have been posting on Facebook but have yet to see it bringing benefits to your business.

How do I grow my business with Facebook?

After this course, all will be clear. You will be a master of the art of Facebook. This course will be your best investment to take your business to the next level.

Module Breakdown:

  1. Introduction
  2. Innovating Your Sales Funnel (How To Increase Your Profits)
  3. Stages Of Brand Awareness & Facebook Actions (Pick The Right Action Steps)
  4. Dominating Facebook (Implementing The Action Steps)

The Course Is Conducted In Video.

Additional Learning Materials Provided:

  • Course Script (PDF)
  • Learning Checklist (JPG Image)
  • Facebook Post Examples (JPG Image)
  • Quiz

You should finish this course in 30 minutes.