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Introduction to CAD for Engineers

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Publisher : Autodesk Education

Course Language : English

Using Fusion 360 as the 3D CAD/CAM tool to design a kick scooter, you will learn the core software features that support engineers in their design process. You’ll explore the engineering process, a series of steps used by engineers to create functional products, parts, and assemblies. From design concept to modeling and prototyping, simulation, documentation, and manufacturing, Fusion 360 provides engineers with the tools for engineering innovation. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Use Fusion 360 software to design, simulate, and a render a photo-realistic digital prototype of a kick scooter.
  • Access A360, a cloud based collaboration tool that allows you to view, share, review, and find all your project data in one place.
  • Model kick scooter parts using parametric modeling techniques.
  • Model kick parts using free form tools.
  • Simulation: safety factor, stress and deflection.
  • Collaborate with other designers.
  • Perform simulations to validate the design.
  • Document a part.
  • Animate an assembly.
  • Create an STL file for a 3D print.
  • Generate the g-code to machine a part.

Course Overview

This course contains over 11 lessons outlining the workflow phases and over 1 hour of step-by-step video based instruction and print guide. It’s designed for anyone with any engineering background who wishes to learn how to incorporate the design process and Autodesk Fusion 360 software tools needed for engineering innovation. Not interested in creating a kick scooter? No worries. The skills taught in this course can be applied to any product design.

The course starts with an overview summarizing the course benefits and the project design goal. Next, the Fusion 360 introduction walks you through downloading the software, navigating the user interface, and key features of the software. A quick practice exercise has you apply these skills by creating and rendering a simple shape in Fusion 360.

The design process starts by observing and documenting user needs and interaction. This is an essential step in developing and finalizing the design criteria for the project. You’ll discover how computer aided design (CAD) is used throughout the engineering design process to conceptualize, model, simulate, and manufacture everything from individual industrial parts to large machine assemblies and more.

Using Fusion 360 sketching and modeling tools, you’ll design your kick scooter parts by creating a parametric sketch then using constraints and dimensions to capture the design intent. You then sculpt your parts using T-spline technology to to rapidly explore forms by simply pressing and pulling on subdivided surfaces. 

After modeling and sculpting your design, you assemble the parts of your kick scooter and complete a simulation on your design for safety, stress, and deflection on the lever when the user is opening the clamp.

You finish the design process by documenting design and product instructions and by leveraging the cloud to create a photo-realistic render of your design for presentation. Finally, you access the Fusion 360 CAM environment to create setups and 2D toolpaths to machine the steering clamp.

By the end of this course, you will have obtained the skills needed to practice the mechanical engineering design process to take a design idea from concept to prototyping and manufacturing using Fusion 360.