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The Fast Quantity Surveying for Concrete Structures - Part 1

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Publisher : Ahmed Magdy

Course Language : Arabic

  • Welcome to Quantity Surveying online course. This course is focusing on practical application of concrete quantities estimation for residential buildings. We are going to use AutoCAD & Microsoft Excel. You should apply all what you learn during lectures. So we provide you with downloadable work files of all lectures.

  • This course is made mainly for engineers in construction management industry to estimate structure quantities.

  • This course is a field oriented course. It is full of examples of real projects. We are going to learn how to read structural drawing. We are going to learn some AutoCAD advanced skills in an easy way which will help fasten your performance of surveying. We are going to learn some Excel skills that will help you a lot to make clear, simple and accurate calculations.

  • We are going to learn the fundamentals of quantity surveying, so that you can estimate quantities of any element.

  • The surprise is that you don't have to save area or volume complicated equations in mind at all.

  • We are going to train on all concrete structures elements (Foundations – Columns & Walls – Slabs).

  • Most of this course is written in (English) and presented in (Arabic).

  • Finally, I want you to know something very well, that you are going to have 4 years of experience and more than 3600 AutoCAD working hours in just one course. Not only that, but also your performance will be unusual compared to your colleagues.

So it’s a good opportunity to save your valuable time.

If you divide course time on 4 years, the time of one year of experience will be nothing. It’s a big deal, so don’t waste your time thinking and      ENROLL NOW  .