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5 Courses - Master AWS, Analytics, Machine Learning, Bigdata

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Publisher : Kaushik Vadali

Course Length : 12 hours

Course Language : English


5 courses pack including below topics.

# Course Lectures Duration (hh:mm:ss)

1 AWS - Cloud Services 27 05:38:02

Elastic Beanstalk,   ELB, ECS, EKS, Dynamo DB, Migration Hub   

2 AWS - Data Analytics 10 02:38:08

AWS Analytics and Data Lakes, Amazon Athena - Interactive query service, Amazon CloudSearch - Managed search service, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Kinesis - Data Streams, Amazon Redshift - Data warehousing

Amazon QuickSight - Business Analytics Intelligence Service, Amazon Data Pipeline - Automate data movement, AWS Glue – Managed ETL Service 

3 BigData and Hadoop framework 14 01:20:13

Big data introduction, history, technologies, characteristics and Applications

Data Lake, Data science and Data scientist

Hadoop introduction, HDFS-Overview, Hadoop Architecture, assumptions and goals

Demo-Hadoop install - sw download verify integrity,  Java ssh configure,  Hadoop access by browser

4 Machine Learning 00:32:19

Introduction,   Algorithms, Softwares   

5 AWS Machine Learning 14 02:06:00

Bigdata and AWS, Hadoop on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce  -   EMR, Amazon EMR,   Amazon EMR Architecutre, TensorFlow - Open source Machine Learning framework, Amazon SageMaker - TensorFlow Part 1 & 2, AWS Deep Learning AMIs, AWS Translate - Natual language translation, Amazon Polly - turn text to speech, Apache MXNet - Deep learning framework

TOTAL < 68 Lectures > 12hours 15min

Who this course is for:
  • For all those who is interested in learning about cloud Infrastructure, want to reap the benefits of migrating to AWS