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Mathematical computing tools

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Publisher : Mofeed Abouseafa

Course Length : 1.5 hours

Course Language : Arabic


Learn how to use Mathcad, Mathematica and Maple  so you can   :

Edit math expressions - Define matrix and find its inverse and its determinant - Define functions and draw its graph - Solve equations - Derivatives - Integrals - 3D graph .

Learn how to use Geogebra so you can  :

Draw point, - Draw Line - Reflect regular polygon  and Rotate it - Define Functions and draw it - Move two points on function graph and its derivative graph - use algebra view, graph view , CAS view , spreadsheet view and 3D graph view 

Who is the target audience?
  • Math students
  • Math teachers
  • Engineers
  • Anyone who wants to learn math programmes
  • You must have the principles of mathematics