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STEM Career Development by Partnering with Corporates

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Publisher : Ramesh Chandak

Course Language : English

Are you a student in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) discipline excited to collaborate with corporates to build real world experience while studying at college or university?

Are you a student in the STEM discipline looking to participate in online programming contests and get hired by companies?

Are you an educator in the STEM discipline looking for content and training resources for your courses, host online hackathons and grade programming assignments done by your students?

Are you a STEM institute looking to drive innovation at your campus?

Are you a company looking to hire talented STEM developers by evaluating their performance in online programming tests and hackathons?

If you answered yes to these questions, this course is for you

This course is the most comprehensive introduction to programs offered by Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft that STEM students and educators can take advantage of while studying or teaching at college or university

You’ll learn how to determine which corporate program suits you and plan your participation to maximize the opportunity

When participating in the corporate program, if the product or service you develop has market potential, you may even start your own start-up

You’ll explore the channels and support offered to start-ups by 5 incubators

You'll also learn about 5 free platforms that offer programming contests, hackathons and tech recruitment. 

This course includes 4 Quizzes, 5 Practice Activity and 4 PDF downloadable resources -

  • The first PDF includes links to sites for learning coding online

  • The second PDF includes list of academia institutes across the world that are members of Amazon's AWS Educate program

  • The third PDF includes list of criteria used to judge entries to Microsoft Imagine Cup, a global student competition

  • The fourth PDF includes author contact information

You get lifetime access to all video lectures plus 4 PDF downloadable resources

Are you ready?  Let's just dive in.   I'll see you inside the course.  Thank you.