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Sequence & Series|High School|NCERT : Become an Expert

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Publisher : Abhishek Mishra, IITian, PhD in Neuroscience

Course Language : English

We will learn everything about Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression and some special series - from deriving formulas for nth term, finding sum of first n terms, sum of first n natural numbers, sum of squares & cubes of first n natural numbers. The course will demonstrate many solved examples, for interesting real life questions. This course is for absolute beginner, and by the end of the course with some practice, you will become an expert in any Sequence & Series question. The course is highly useful for any school student and students preparing for competitive examinations like SAT, GRE, IIT JEE Mains & Advance. 

  • Arithmetic Progression 
  • Geometric Progression 
  • Sum of first n natural numbers
  • Sum of squares & cubes of first n natural numbers
  • Special Series