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calculus for physics, vector calculus part 2

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Publisher : Mohamed Elboudour Elidrissi

Course Length : 1 hour

Course Language : English


This course is reserved for people who have never had an electricity and magnetism course, or who have never had an advanced course on vector calculus. Anyone can use it just needs a HighSchool Diploma level, this is a free course with 59 minutes videos.

Before any electricity and magnetism course we need mathematical tools like :

  • Vector calculus
  • Coordinate system
  • Relation between cartesienne and cylindrical coordinates
  • Differential calculus
  • Vector operators

In this course we present all this concept for beginners

Our method is detailed the calculation from A to Z .

In this part 2 we have :

  • The scalar product of two vectors
  • The scalar product in component representation
  • Recall about orthonormality relations
Who is the target audience?
  • Everybody who loves physics
  • People who study electricity and magnetism for the first time
  • calculus for physics, vector calculus part 1
  • Basic calculus, basic algebra ( like a+a=2a, a*a=a²).
  • Basic analysis (like derivative of function of one variable).
  • Basis integral calculus.
  • High school math level.